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Sister Roberts - 3/20/2023


We had the cutest mini missionary join us this weekend, her name is Bridgette! She was awesome. We went tracting, and she totally did so well! It's fun to see what training a new missionary would be like, wouldn't know 🤷‍♀️

But she was so fun! 

Okay so this weekend was just such a rush of adrenaline and happiness. RUBY GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!! I am just so happy for her. It was just such a good day!!! 

Let me walk you through Sunday, that was by far the highlight of my week. 

7:30 am, we arrive at church, I sit in my final Encino Park Ward council. Those are some of the funniest people I know, I'm going to miss them. 

Skip to 12pm, all you missed in this gap is more church, more people asking if it was my last week, more friends that said they were coming not coming :(

But at 12!! Nick and John came to church! John gave me the sweetest card because he thought I was leaving this week too. The members took them in and sat with them and we didn't do a single thing to match them up. It was so great!!!

1pm, our friend Elena comes to church 30 minutes early, she has had a lot go on this week, and us and a woman from congregation #4 talk with her and teach her about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ's love for her. 

1:15pm, my best friend Star shows up! She announces that she has officially stopped smoking!!! Now she is working on vaping, and she brought a purse full of tootsie pops to replace it with!!!!! She is so happy and glowing and a totally changed woman.

1:30pm, Elena sits down by herself, we're stressing about who we can ask to sit with her. BUT from out of the pews comes STAR! WHO INVITES ELENA TO SIT WITH HER!!!!! 

I just love watching missionary work happen without the missionaries. It's just everyone sharing God's love without thinking beforehand, it's just a part of them. It is so so cool. 

2pm, RUBY receives the gift of the Holy Ghost!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!! She is the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ christ of Latter Day Saints!!!! Also, Gabe who was baptized a few weeks ago blesses the sacrament for his first time!

2:45pm, I have a little moment of breakdown where I realize that this absolute joy I feel from watching and being apart of missionary work is almost over, and I don't want it to be! Wow yesterday was just so worth how difficult the times got occasionally. I am really going to miss this place and doing this work. I have fallen in love with being a missionary. 

Total time at church: about 8 hours

Total pieces of bread eaten and sips of water taken: 4

Ruby also received her temple recommend yesterday, and we are hoping to set up a day where we can all go to the temple to do baptisms before I go! Time is running out, so we will see if we get to do it, but I am just so happy for her!! 

I love this work and I LOVE Texas! Have a good week :)


Sister Roberts 



A few pics wirh Bridgette!

Stars tootsie pops

I love to see the temple 🤩

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