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Sister Johnson - 8/7/2023

Sorry this is coming out late, we lost power for a couple hours today, and i've been lazy. I will go repent now...

Well this week was amazing! 

For those of you wondering, my crocheting is going really well, i plan on making a blanket for the next 6 months, wish me luck.

We had a great lesson this week with our new friend Craig and he loved how simple and Christ centered the gospel truly is. That was a great reminder to me. I definitely learn a lot more from the people I teach than they do from me but I am so grateful. 

Rakesh is doing well, thank you for the prayers and fasting. We are continuing to do all that we can and expecting miracles from God. I have full confidence that we will receive a miracle. 

I got to go to the temple this week for the first time (other than to do proxy baptisms) in a whole year. Boy was it needed. It was seriously the spiritual rejuvenation I needed. Honestly, I felt so ready and pumped for the next 6 months after that. I cried the moment I walked it and basically didn't stop till the moment I walked out. There is no place I have felt more loved by my heavenly family than in the temple. One experience I will share, is that after you finish a seccion you are able to go into a room that represents the presence of God. As I walked into this room, my mission leaders, basically my parents for the year and a half that I am here, came up to me and gave me the greatest hug and handshake. They told me that they were so grateful to be here with me, that they loved me, and that they were so proud of me. I immediately felt the spirit so strong. If my wonderful mission leaders were that excited to be with me in the most holy place on earth, I couldn't imagine how excited my own parents will be when I get to go with them to the temple. And even more than that, how excited my Heavenly Parents will be when I am able to enter into their presence again and embrace them. I imagine them saying the same thing. "I am so glad you made it, I love you so much, I am so proud of all you have done and who you have become." Can you even imagine what that would feel like? Isn't that enough incentive to inconveniently follow Christ, obey and love the commandments, love God's other children, and serve. For me that is the easiest trade off ever. The feelings that I had there are feelings that I would pay or do anything for and that isn't even on the level that our Heavenly Parents feel for us. So do what you need to do. Make covenants with God, keep your covenants with God, and if you have broken them mend them. It is worth it. I promise with everything in me that it is. Please crave the temple and the feelings there, and if you don't yet, go until you do. This gospel is so dang true and it is so dang simple. 

This week, friends that respond to my emails informing me of the typos made me happy;)

Sister Johnson

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