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Sister Johnson - 7/31/2023

Hey everybody! 

I am going to be quick today because I an super tired, but I wanted to stick to my commitment to write these emails. Your welcome pops:) I do hope that these emails are of impact to some people, but at the very least I feel the spirit as I write them.

I learned how to crochet this week. Catch me becoming a crocheting, hallmark watching grandma... I can't wait! Shout out to sister King for having to patience to teach me. I do have to say though that president and sister King being called to our branch has been such a tender mercy for me. They are so loving and look out for us so well. Not to mention sister King and I are just best buds. We could not stop laughing yesterday! 

One highlight this week was that Elder Anderson of the quorum of the 12 apostles organized a zoom with some of the missionaries in our mission. So on thursday, we were able to hear from an apostle of God speaking directly to us! It was powerful and so fun to hear all his stories. As the meeting was about to end, I prayed for the assurance that he really is an apostle of Jesus christ and is one of his ordained witnesses. Literally as the meeting was ending, I had the most beautiful feeling reaffirm that he is. It wasn't strong or sudden, it just felt right! 

The one big update I want to give on our friends is rakesh! Holy cow it's been a long one with rakesh. In our last lesson with him, we talked about faith. We asked him what he thought faith was, and after sitting there in silence for a minute or so he said confidence in God's ability. Holy mic drop! I loved that so much! From there, our whole lesson changed. We talked about how he shows that confidence and then we invited him to excersise that confidence. We invited him to pray about a day to be baptized, and have confidence in God's answer to him. Confidence that God will find a way to help his parents be involved in from wherever. We invited him to stick with the day he chooses. He said that he would because he wants to have that much trust in God! The next lesson we have with him, he walks in, prays, and tells us that he wants to be baptized on September 9th! We are now helping prepare as best as we can and praying for a miracle! Next week on fast Sunday, we will be fasting for rakesh's parents to be able to be involved in his baptism. I invite any of you to also have confidence in God's ability and fast with us for rakesh and his parents. Satan is very real and is working hard on him and his family, but I know that God is realer! 

This week getting postcards from my favorite people and my favorite place made me happy!

Love you all! 

Sista J

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