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Sister Johnson - 7/3/2023

Hey Everybody!

This week was crazy! We are adjusting to the trio life and it is going pretty good. We luckily didn't have any extra meetings this week so we were able to just work our area a ton. We have been focusing a lot on our members that don't come to church, and we have had so many miracles attempting to track them down. One day this week we were literally in the middle of uptown (where all the skyscrapers are in charlotte) and we somehow were able to get into 3 massive apartment buildings that our members lived in. It was such a miracle because these apartments are super locked up and have tons of security, which makes sense because they live in a crazy area. You had to have a key to get into any hall, the parking garage, the elevator, and out, but God literally opened doors for us. We realized how big of a blessing this was when we went to leave one of the apartments but we couldn't get out for like 30 minutes. We were literally locked in. Sister Landeen and I had a blast though. 

We had some amazing lessons this week and we are working on teaching evenly and in complete unity with the spirit. Our friend Deanna is currently praying about a day she wants to be baptized and our friends Enoch, Rakesh, and Justin are currently overcoming some obstacles (a church his family is super involved in, waiting on his family's VISAs, and smoking) so that they can be baptized. However they all have such strong testimonies of the gospel and what to do, what is right so bad. 

Other updates:

- I caught like 12 frogs this week!

- We got to film Elder Brown for the mission page!

- we found a lot of mirrors (and took a picture at each one)

- We caught some fireflies

- We have so many YSA that are starting to come to our branch

- We got fed a little bit more this last week!!!!!! 

- I almost had to play the piano at church, but God stepped in. It was a good reminder to get back on practicing the hymns though.

- The new Preach my Gospel is so GOOOOOD and so inspired HOLY COW!

During Sunday school this week we talked a lot about Jesus Christ and his resurrection. I came to realize how crucial the resurrection truly is. I hear over and over here in the south that Jesus Christ died for us. And I do not mean to disregard that, but honestly that is something that anyone could do. I could choose to die for any of you. However, what makes the story of Jesus Christ even more significant is that he did for us what no one else could do. He rose from that death. Anyone can sacrifice their life, but only Jesus Christ, the literal son of God, could have lived again for all of us. In my own personal life, I have come to realize the knowledge of the resurrection and the resurrection bring me two different things. Everyone will live again, that is a fact, but not everyone knows that they will live again. I cannot imagine the feeling of hopelessness that this life would bring if I did not know about the resurrection. Because of that knowledge, I can have hope in the future, I can move forward, I can progress, and I can be happy. I know that Jesus Christ lived and exsisted, that is something that is literally proven. However, I also know that Jesus Christ lived again after his death. The question has never been about his existence, it is if he was resurrected. And if Jesus Christ truly was resurrected, then he is everything that he said he was. I know that Jesus Christ LIVES. I know that he is the Savior of the world, and because I know that I cannot help but be filled with happiness now and hope for the future. 

I love you all so much!

This week avocados made me happy. 

Sister Johnson

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