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Sister Johnson - 5/29/2023

Hey everybody! 

I hope everyone is doing so well! I have gotten to teach families this week and it has been so fun! I miss teaching kids. We had a couple super fun experience where we just started playing with a bunch of kids and then we ended up teaching them and their parents. One of them was on Tuesday. We were on an exchange with Hermana Garvin, Sister Thompson, and I. We had plans to go to a lesson with a member, and we showed up but they didn't answer. We had a backup plan to go to another friend's house in the neighborhood, but she also didn't answer. So we are walking down the sidewalk talking with the member and we walk up to this sidewalk chalk that says "did you pray today? If no why?" We immediately walked up to the door and knocked. A mom came to the door and we asked her if we could talk to whoever wrote that on the sidewalk. A 14 year old girl came out and we asked if we could draw her a picture. We drew out the whole plan of salvation and ended up teaching it to the whole family! It was so cool! The member was incredible and was texting them after inviting them to church and youth activities.

Another time this week we played some football with some kids and taught another girl how to ride a bike! 

Basically I love hanging out with and teaching kids!

Man I love missionary work! I seriously cannot imagine not being out here. I know that this is the literal work of God and that Jesus leads it. I encourage everyone to find someway to be apart of it because we need everyone. President Nelson said it is the greatest work of earth and I agree!

I love you all so much. This week the sacrement made me so happy. I would challenge everyone to really study the sacrement prayers. I have come to crave the sacrement every week!

Sister Johnson

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