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Elder Ziebarth 6/12/2023

Well im so lazy and tired to write an email but this week was fun i learned some new bad chilean words, ran away from a couple dogs, and ate lots of food. I have my boy sebastian on date right now so pray for him that he will make it through. Also i was on an exchange this week knocking a door in the forest and this lady starts walking out when my comp yells "IM OUT!!" And i asked the lady a quick question and she basically slammed the door and when i turned around there was the biggest dog i have ever seen right in front of me and my comp was already like a half mile away. The dog just stared at me barking for a sec but i had already accepted my death and just walked right past it and the dog just watched me leave. Literally a miracle!!! I just said a little prayer and the dog did nothing. God has the power to calm seas, storms, hearts, and huge chilean dogs. I know he lives. I always just think of when jesus says "peace be still" and the water calmed. So many moments i have seen the peace of christ fall upon people and dogs and the situation is calmed. I never thought i would be able to have a testimony that i do now that god lives and he loves us.

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