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Elder Ziebarth - 5/29/2023

I don't even know what to write anymore. But this week we finally started to see success. Literally our sector flipped and we are just seeing miracles. We just got destroyed the first 3 weeks and then God's just like ok here you go. But also I have met the most interesting people of my mission just this week. (We taught some dude who looked and talked exactly like Michael Jackson also just as weird!!!) (We met some girls who are suspiciously interested in our message and are always trying to give us cakes.) (Some lady who told us we couldn't come by again because the last time the Mormons came by she didn't let them in so they jumped the fence with knives and robbed her) but yea I just know that God has his timing for all of us. And things happen here that would be impossible to say he wasn't a part of them. I know that he is our Heavenly Father and he loves us. So if you don't feel it get down on your knees and ask to just feel his love and he will show you if you have the sincerity of heart. I love you all till next one bruvs

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