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Elder Shintaku - Week 9

Sorry I haven't written an email in like 2 and a half weeks.

I'm so blessed to be out here on my mission and I want to share that with you all I hope you are all doing well in your own lives.

To sum up the past 2 weeks, they have been long. It has stated stated get into the hot and rainy season so it's been kinda tough. But we've still been able to reach and help so many people so far. We've gotten really close to our branch president and his family, they also have been helping us fid new people to teach every time we go over to their house which is so awesome. This is how we got to know our new friends Noè y Felòn (yes felon means felon in english) they are super nice guys and they've know our branch presidents family for a really long time. We've been teaching them about the plan of salvation and it's really awesome to see how interested they are in learning more about the church.

Also Elder Davis and I had the opportunity to serve on of the ladies in the town. She needed help trimming trees so I got to trim a tree with a machete for the first time. I felt pretty cool. She is super nice and also has a slurpeee machine so she gave us some slurpees after so sick. We then got to watch general conference which is always a blessing. What I learned most from this conference is the importance of having spiritual momentum and building your faith everyday in Jesus Christ. I also though during conference about all my friends not on missions. I hope you guys or girls decide to go it's super fun!! Im so excited to see what the next few months have in store for me.


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