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Sister Saylor - Week 4


Sister Strong and I, along with 16 other missionaries, left the Missionary Training Center for KY last Monday at 2:30am! Here's the summary:

  • Said see ya later to my platonic eternal companions / kindred spirits / MTC best friends, Elder Ragan & Elder Nelson... they're serving their mission in KY, but not where Sister Murph and I are. Generally, every six weeks missionaries are shuffled around the mission map and receive new companions, so maybe we'll all be close to each other again!

  • As of Tuesday, Sister Strong and I are no longer companions- I now have a NEW companion who will be my in-field trainer for the next 3 months. SISTER MURPH!! Literally an angel, she's too good to be true!

  • We have been teaching and praying with SO MANY PEOPLE! No joke, I think I've met about 80 new people in the last 6 days of missionary work! My goal is to convince everyone that I'm not a greenie (brand new missionary), and so far it's been working well

  • Had to say hello to my old friend, seasonal allergies

I didn't realize how easily my heart could break until I met so many hurting and broken people. Wishing that I could do more has been a challenge, but I KNOW that offering the freedom of the gospel and my best acts of service is enough. God reaches our reaching, and He fills in our gaps when we offer all that we can- He is wayyyyyy too good to us!

Shout out to MTC District 10-A, wish I could have brought you all with me haha

Until next pday :)

Sister Saylor


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