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Elder Ritter - 3/11/2024

¡Hola a todos! 

Hope you all have had a wonderful week, this week was definitely interesting. For a couple days it was just pouring rain and so everybody was inside while we were outside. But, right when the weekend came around, the sun came through and its been a beautiful sunny 65-70 degree weather all the time. I love Malaga so much (in the spring at least.) But we did have some really fun things happening this week.

Quick disclaimer: we went to Granada for P-Day last week. We had a dope hike, got some good pics, and went to the touristy section of town where they were selling a bunch of touirist trap Moroccan products. We totally fell for it. That should be enough context for the pictures down below.

To start off, we have a couple new friends! We met Natalia at a young adult activity who is from Colombia and she's a BEAST. Very first lesson, she accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon AND the invitation to be baptized on Easter Sunday. It was such a powerful lesson, and props to Elder Gallup for powering through that one and having the courage to challenge her. 

We also met a new lady who completely randomly pulled up to church named Ruth! We were going through our list of people we are teaching and sent all of them an invitation and she came out of the blue! She was super awesome, accepted an invitation to meet up with us again, and is also very interested in learning English with us! She was super sweet and we were very happy to meet her. 

Deisy is still progressing and we're very excited for her progress. We had a good lesson where we talked to her about the importance of the Book of Mormon. Her awesome cousin, Laura, who is a member, also testified to her of the importance of baptism in her life, and said,"when you decide to get baptized, it will be THE BEST decision you will EVER make in your life." We all felt the power of those words, and Deisy was very close to tears. We're very proud of all the progress that she's made and for her desire to know for certain that she's in a good place. Go Deisy! 

Also, sidenote, we got invited to her birthday, and it was awesome! 

Last but not least, we showed our ward mission leader American peanut butter as well (thanks Nathan. Yes, I'm still working on the jar.) A whole new world of the peanut butter honey sandwich was opened to him. He told us it was far better than the peanut butter in Spain (it's true.) 

Well, not too much else going on, but I love it here! Malaga is the best city ever, and I got the best comp, the best missionaries, the best members, and the best gospel! Love it so much! 

¡Cristo vive! ¡El Libro de Mormón es verdadero!

¡Os amo!

Elder Ritter

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