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Sister Roberts - Week 5

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another great week! Miracle count: 52 (DOUBLE LAST WEEK'S!!) I'm tellin ya-- counting the miracles makes it so much even easier to see them!!!

Thanksgiving was so fun! We started off the morning reaaaaallllyyyy early volunteering at the turkey trot!! We basically had missionaries running every station, but I handed out everyone's bib numbers and passed out medals and water at the end. And it rained!! I love the rain, so Texas is blessing me with that. Although, I straightened my hair before going, and if you notice in the pictures, my hair is indeed no longer straight. Humidity (and rain):1 Sister Roberts:0

We had a member invite us over for Thanksgiving, which was so good! It was a total classic feast with all the normal fixin's. They also asked us to bake the pies, which we happily did! Also, the elders were supposed to bring rolls, but naturally they waited until the last minute when all of the stores were out, so we came to the rescue and I got to put my bread baking to good use! And thus, us saving Thanksgiving for them. Classic elder-sister relationship.

On Friday we had exchanges, and I got to show Sister Jackson around our Converse, Universal City and Woodlake area! She's the Sister Training Leader (spooky) but she's so awesome! We are very similar in regards to missionary style, meaning we're both fairly straightforward and blunt. Which was so perfect! We had a lesson with a woman named Alethia, who basically knows she needs to be making steps towards baptism, but, to put this nicely, needed a little push. That's where we come in. I've never met her, and obviously neither has Sister Jackson, but I got the impression that missionaries in the past just taught her lessons and never really invited her to change, but we got there and she kept giving us tons of excuses, but we finally got to ask her if she even wants to be baptized. There's a scripture in Mosiah 18: 8-10 that essentially says the people of Christ do these things, so if these are the desires of your hearts, then why are you not baptized yet? She read it and just said something along the lines of, "I guess I really don't have any excuses." It was EXACTLY what she needed! We didn't push baptism, but asked her what her next step was going to be, and she said coming to church on Sunday, which she did! Slow progress is still good progress!!

We had dinner with the Lee family on Saturday, which was SO amazing!!!! They're from Germany, and it was seriously the best food ever. And they are so funny, too. They have a freshman boy who has the best one-liners and sarcasm. We got along really well.

Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. Classic set-up too. I was asked on Saturday night to speak Sunday morning. I was also told to prepare a 5-7 minute talk, and then on the stand I was so graciously given 20 minutes to fill. Pulled a totally filibuster on them and nailed it, though. I actually think it didn't go too terribly. Bishop was impressed, at least :)

I need to be better at leaving with a spiritual thought, but Light the World starts this week!!!!! It's a super easy way to be a missionary without forcing religion on anyone! It's just little ways we can serve people and spread the joy of Christmas to everyone we meet, and I HIGHLY recommend everyone to try and do as many of the daily prompts as possible! Another thing I love about it is that it doesn't cross any religious boundaries, so we can invite ALL to do it! This is me calling out all of the people on this email chain that aren't members of the church to participate as well, because y'all can be holly jolly and serve people just the same :)

I love y'all, and I love hearing from anyone and everyone, so thank you all for the emails!!

Sister Roberts

All of our baked goods: key lime pie, pumpkin pie, and rolls

Exchanges with Sister Jackson

Ran into the BEST familiar face at the Turkey Trot!!! Shoutout to the MTC district <3

Turkey trot continued

If you thought Texas pride was a joke, everyone has Texas things on their porch


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