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Sister Roberts - Week 4

Hey y'all!! (I can say that now because according to many people I've met I am now a 'bona fide Texan') Texas is AWESOME!!! The people are so friendly and I LOVE it here! Also quick disclaimer... this may not be my shortest email ever because it's my first week in Texas and I'm so excited so for that I apologize... but also y'all have a whole week to read this email so for now just scroll down to the bottom and look at my pictures and come back later :)

The last couple days in Provo were very fast and slow at the same time. We played a lot of volleyball and went to the temple... and then played a lot more volleyball. It also rained on our very last day, so after the devotional (which was so amazing!!!) the four sisters that were left in our district just went out and played and danced in the rain as kind of a last little goodbye to Provo.

My first day in Texas was so fun, we got off the plane and went straight to the Alamo... can't have missionaries walking around Texas without experiencing the Alamo! So they took us there, gave us pass-along cards and a Book of Mormon, and basically just said "Ok go street contact!" So we got to walk around the streets surrounding the Alamo and talk to people and share messages about Christ! It was a little intimidating at first, but I think I'll learn to love it the more I do it!

Sorry again about the long email, I'll end it with a few things I've learned!

  1. Missionaries say SO MANY prayers! I pray when I wake up and go to bed, another one when I go to bed with my companion, bless every meal, pray for safety every time we leave the apartment, opening and closing every meeting or lesson, and a billion times in between! It's awesome! Prayers do nothing but help us grow closer to God, so I love the constant communication I have with Him.

  2. Members of the Church in Texas are AWESOME! I'm currently serving in the Converse, Universal City, and Woodlake wards, which is a LOT of members to get to know and love! And all of them are so welcoming!

  3. Jesus Christ loves us SO MUCH! An idea was presented to me in the MTC that I have been thinking about a lot, and yesterday I did a lot more study and math behind it, but all throughout the scriptures, Jesus Christ takes personal time to administer to individuals. In the Book of Mormon, in 3 Nephi when he appears to the Nephites, he performs many miracles and acts of love "one by one," such as letting them all come forward to feel His hands, healing the sick, afflicted, blind, deaf, etc., and blessing all of the children! Think of how much time that would have taken!! Yesterday I did a lot of math (which I enjoyed for some reason????) and it definitely would have taken hours and hours of administering to The One for Him. But he did it anyway! Those individuals were so important to Him, and we are just as important! I love His love! As a missionary I just want to spread that to as many people as possible here in San Antonio!

Texas is so amazing! Y'all are amazing! Love you and miss you!!

Sister Roberts


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