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Sister Roberts - Week 12

Sent home to church in Huntington Beach

Hey y'all! It was kind of a boring week, not many stories to tell so this one should be short.

We got a truck!!!!!!! Since our car got hit a bit ago it's in the shop, which means we get this bad boy temporarily. We've made alllll of the elders jealous and I could go home happy. Driving a truck was on my mission bucket list.

The truck inspired the title of the weekly but also reminds me of a total miracle this week was Fearless by the one and only Taylor Swift came on in the grocery store and I really needed that. God is good.

We were stopping by a guy's house and his sister answered the door. As we were leaving she was like "Oh hey can I have your Bible?" and naturally we were like ABSOLUTELY!! So I started grabbing in my bag for a Book of Mormon and she was like "Nonono YOUR Bible" and was pointing to me. She meant MY Bible like my seminary scriptures with my name engraved on the front like ohhhh MY Bible uh no you can't have that one and she didn't want a free one :( Sad.

Pam didn't come to church and we can't get in contact with Alethia about how quitting smoking is going so keep praying for them!!

Today for p day we went to the Mercado which is a cute row of shops downtown by the Alamo. I didn't buy anything... but I will someday. If anyone wants a Texas keychain let me know.

Love you ALL!! Sister Roberts

Pics Truck In the truck Cute lil street name Cute lil mural Mi distrito went to El Mercado


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