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Sister Roberts 5/9/2022

Alright alright, brief recap of last week because it was more exciting than this week:

Said goodbye to all of my friends :(

Transfers! So me and Sister Goff (my new companion) were walking around trying to get an apartment key but turns out they gave us the elder's address so we got a new address but still no key. They basically said ah the sisters there will let you in figure it out from there??? So that was fun. We called the sisters and they didn't know we were coming so we just kinda showed up and moved our stuff in and they got some elders to bring us mattresses and desks which was nice. BUT THEN! Our Zone leaders called and were like soooooo you're in the wrong apartment? And then SENT US THE ELDERS ADDRESS AGAIN. So that wasn't right. But we called the sisters they thought lived there and it's the same complex, just different building. And they also didn't know we were coming :') meaning we had to move the mattresses and desks ourselves. Girl power It was nuts. Also our information for the area didn't sync to our phones for hours so we just sat around waiting for phone numbers to call bishops and people that can help us.

We met a lot of fun people from the ward. Sundays are buuuuuusssssyyyyy here. Even busier than my other areas because these wards aren't used to accommodating meeting times for triple-covering missionaries to attend, so everything overlaps and we basically just try to hit whatever we can and hope that they don't get upset. It's a lot of coordination.

I don't really know what else happened last week that I can share. The days kind of blend together here. Because the teaching pool is so small, we do a lot of stop-bys and contacts. Teaching lessons is nice because it fills up time and is something actually interesting and fun to do, so not having that here makes the work a little repetitive. But me and my companion are trying to meet as many members as possible! Meeting people is fun.


  • Met Spider-Man's girlfriend, 3 year old Lexi

  • Sang Love at Home in all 3 wards on Sunday

  • Got soooo many Mother's Day treats from all the wardsBeing in a room full of moms without your mom on Mother's Day is hard once. Good thing I got to do it two more times! But I'll be home for next Mother's Day

  • We had some miracles Thursday, Friday and Saturday, because we either didn't have someone sign up to feed us dinner, or they canceled, but with each day someone ended up feeding us! And one of them was a non-member we got to teach!

  • We had a lesson with a woman named Karen who lives in the biggest log cabin in the middle of suburbia, which is so funny I love it. We love Karen.

  • Had dinner with a family and they have 2 YSA sons. It was totally a set up. It was so awkward. The dad kept making comments after certain things I said about how much me and his son have in common. The elders will now be having dinner with that family from now on. They weren't even cute.

  • Someone in my companionship got pulled over... And I'm not the driver

  • When we were talking to the cops I was coughing because I've been sick this week and he totally hooked me up with the best medicine and tea and honey. Homie He also let her off with a warning

I think that's a pretty good summary of the week. God is in the details! He knows what each of us need, when we need it, and how we need to receive it. It's so amazing to witness that not only in the lives of the people we come in contact with, but in my life too! God is so good!

Love y'all

Sister Roberts

Zebra??? In Texas?????

Pretty sunset

Mother's Day artwork I love


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