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Jesus Christ is an Example

Updated: Feb 24

Talk given in church on 1/15/23 by Brother Henry R., Huntington Beach, CA.

Hi, my name is Henry ,

and today I’ll be giving my third talk in less than a year, which must mean I give pretty good talks.

This week’s Come Follow Me lesson was on Luke 2 and Matthew 2, which describes the birth of the Savior. We just finished Christmas, so it feels funny to be studying this now, but it can help us to keep the Spirit of Christmas with us all year long.

Jesus was born in humble circumstances. Even though he had glory with the Father “before the world was”, He was willing to be born in lowly circumstances and live among us on earth. I feel like this gives me another reason to trust God and believe in Him. Because I was taught that He loved all of his children and that he was loving to everyone. And this proves that He was the Savior because he was willing to be born as an equal even though he was higher and greater than everyone else.

I am so grateful for the Lord’s sacrifice, and that because of it I am able to have a chance to live with Him again.

I have a testimony that if we choose to be more like Christ, we can keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year round.

And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen



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