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Follow the Prophet by Edison M.

Good morning everyone! My name is Edison Isaac McCraney. I'm sure you're already sick of the McCraneys speaking but the best is yet to come.

Today I've been asked to speak on "Following the Prophet". Some of you might be wondering, "What even is a prophet?" A prophet is somebody who receives information from God, also known as revelation, and their job is to share that information to the world. The prophet of God today is Russell M. Nelson. He has taught us many things about God through his words, his behavior and just by who he is. He's encouraged us to go to church, say our prayers, read our scriptures, live the "For the Strength of Youth" standards and much more. I know that by doing these things, it can help us get closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Some of the prophet's behaviors that we can follow are:

1- Being happy. He is nice to everyone. He loves all of God's children, no matter their race or culture.

2-He takes good care of his body. The prophet is 98 years old. He takes the stairs instead of the elevator and he still skis. At least the last I checked.

3- He's also very smart because he worked hard in school. As a result, he became a heart surgeon. He studied many languages including French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin. He helped to invent the first heart/lung machine used in surgery.

My favorite thing about the prophet is that he follows Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. (Bears testimony) I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.



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