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Elder Ziebarth - 7/31/2023

Well there was a lot this week because it was also extended. But we got transfers and im gonna be training this transfer which is cool. Also this week camila got baptised (photo below) and camila is this girl i talked to on the street 7 weeks ago and she already got it done!! Its crazy to see how quick her life changed. And finding someone and getting them baptised that quick does not happen a lot. So it was a straight miracle. Funny thing this week was during an exchange when i was with elder martineau who is newer in the mission. And we were walking down the street when this dude says to him in english "hail satan hail satan" and i think elder martineau thought he was speaking spanish and didnt understand so he says "oh haha éxito amigo" (success to you my friend). But yea the week was awesome. I just want to testify to you all without a doubt that jesus christ is our savior and loves everyone of us and his church was restored through joseph smith who really did see god and jesus. That moment being the most important moment in modern history. That the true church of god is here on this earth now and i know it. And i say it in the name of jesus christ amen.

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