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Elder Ritter - 6/12/2023

Hola a todos!

The first full week come and gone in the life of the tech elder. And I'm still really confused on what I do. But I've been trying to really throw myself in and learn all the social media stuff. It's hard especially since I'm not the most experienced with social media or tech in general. But we did publish some ads about family history for our Facebook page this week that I made! No idea how they're going to do. Elder Hawkshaw really knows his social media metrics and whatnot and I just sit back and cheer him on. By the end of this transfer though, I'm going to be an absolute pro.

Also, this past Friday we were able to be part of the baptism of an old woman from Peru named Pastora. She's such a sweet little lady, practically deaf, completely blind, and also 90 years old. She was absolutely a miracle because her family (who are all members) called the elders before me out of the blue and said that their abuelita wanted to be baptized. She had wanted nothing to do with the church for years up until now when she had a sudden change of heart. We got everything ready for her, taught her with the help of her family, and had a wonderful little service for her this past Friday. We were very nervous for a lot of reasons, such as what if the water is too cold (she specifically requested it hot), what if she gets sick, what if a family member is unable to help out? All of these whirled around in our brains until the baptism started and everything went perfectly. The water was perfect for her, the talks were great, and she loved it all. As her grandson-in-law was saying the baptism prayer, he was having to hold her back from dunking herself! And when she finally came out, she lifted her hands up and literally praised God, saying, "Gracias, Señor, gracias" (thank you, Lord, thank you.) I couldn't stop smiling that entire time, and her entire family was crying. I looked over at my companion and told him, "This is what it's all about." It really is what it's all about though, bringing together families and friends, binding them together for eternity so they can experience true happiness in this life and in the life to come. 

¡Cristo vive! ¡El Libro de Mormón es verdadero! 

¡Os amo!

Elder Ritter 



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