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Elder Ritter - 11/20/2023

Hola a todos!

Hope you guys had a wonderful week. Still not too much to report on over's been a bit of a grind. 

We had the opportunity to finally go up to Madrid and get Elder Tomsen's residency completed. It was a bit of a crazy trip, we had to run from the church down to the train station and we were almost late, but we got there, sweaty, tired, and stressed. We arrived in Madrid, got some food and stayed the night with my dear office elders! Love those guys. The next day we got to the police station to do the residency, and I got to wait outside. It seemed to take longer than normal, but Elder Tomsen finally came out and said that he had just been chewed out by a police officer and he almost didn't get his residency! He has said some incorrect things and so they got confused and angry, but luckily a lady who worked at the station happened to be a member, overheard what was going on, and calmed downt the police officer and explained the situation. He got out of there with his residency put in. Then we made a quick stop at the temple, and then missed the bus to the train station so we had to call up the tech elders to drive us there. We were almost late for our train again! But hey, it all worked out in the end, and we got back just in time to have a really fun family home evening with a member family. 

We did have a really awesome lesson with our friend Alben, who's been coming to English classes and the young adult activities. We talked about how the Book of Mormon can guide us and help us make better decisions and Elder Clive (who was with us at the time) promised him that if he read the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY he would make better decisions EVERY DAY (just like President Nelson has promised!) Alben is normally a pretty shy guy, but right then, he had a big grin on and just said "¡vaya!" (wow!). It's really cool to see when the Spirit touches someone like that, and it's always in different ways. He was filled with excitement and happiness, others are overwhelmed by emotion and cry, others feel peace and almost seem to have no reaction at all! But the touch of the Spirit is ALWAYS recognizable in our friends. We love to see it! We also had a lesson with one of our recent converts, Marcos, who happens to work the same job and is from the same place as Alben! He really wants to meet him, and now they're chatting on Whatsapp trying to set up a time to hang our! We're super pumped for that.

Not too much else to report on. Just want to testify of the power of the Book of Mormon and the ability it has to change lives for the better. It truly does help us make better choices and I love the way it makes me feel when I read it. Please, if you're looking for peace, if you're looking for your Savior, if you're looking to find acceptance and love, you WILL find it there. Mo mayter how far you may feel from God, He is a lot closer than you think, and He's just waiting to speak to you through His Word. 

¡Cristo vive! ¡El Libro de Mormón es verdadero!

¡Os amo!

Elder Ritter


Bye Elder Elliott 🥲

Madrid flicks 

La familia Gutierrez 

Marcos y Vanesa!!!

Pineapple with tajín and chamoy 


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