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Elder Orgill - 5/1/2023

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

     Hey guys, it’s been a really slow week.  Like 90% of our lessons confirm in the morning, and then they cancel in the afternoon! Colombians are really testing my patience! It's alright, we have spent a ton of time trying to find new people. When they merged our two areas, we realized that the other two elders' area book (where we have the peoples progress and information) was super full of people that haven't been taught in over 8 months. Because to that, we have spent a lot of time just calling. I feel like a call center bot guy jaja.


    We have been preparing our friend Gilma and two little kids for baptism! We have Gilma’s interview set up for this Tuesday, she's going to do great! Something really cool that she told us was, "I'm the matriarch of the whole family, when I get baptized a lot of my other children will follow!" That made me so happy, it's so cool uniting a whole family.


    They sent me my flight plans a few days ago, suddenly it got real. I have learned so much this time in Colombia, I am going to get the most out of my last 72 days! (I'm not counting or anything)

Have a great week!



-Elder Orgill

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