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Come Follow Me: God Meant It unto Good

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

For the Church in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley

Taught by Bruce and Ginny Richardson

Genesis 42 Sons of Jacob buy corn in Egypt, Joseph recognizes and meets with his brothers.

Genesis 43 Jacob’s Sons Return to Egypt, Joseph sees Benjamin, the Sons eat dinner with Joseph

Genesis 44 Sons return, Joseph’s cup in Benjamin’s sack, Judah as surety remains

Genesis 45 Joseph Reveals Himself to his Brothers, Joseph sends the Brothers back to escort their father and families to Egypt

Genesis 46 Journey to Egypt in Pharaoh’s wagons, Lord speaks of Israel’s future greatness and return, names who journeyed, Joseph meets the caravan, Jacob and Joseph meet

Genesis 47 Israel in Egypt, How Joseph Administers Temporal Salvation

Genesis 48 Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

Genesis 49 Jacob Blesses his Sons

Genesis 50 Jacob is buried at Machpelah, Joseph continues to love his brothers, he prophecies of their return (with his bones) to Canaan and dies



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