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Winter Youth Conference by Mason G. 3/13/22

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Winter Youth Conference. The chance for me to attend came at the very last minute after I received an invitation from Brody Orgill. I called both my mom and dad because they were at work, and both said that I could go. I packed my bags as quickly as I could and called my dad again to make sure that I had not forgotten anything. We went over the list of things that I packed, and he said, sound like you are good to go, have fun.

Soon Brody and Brother Orgill pulled up to my house, we loaded my bags and I jumped in the truck. We drove over to the church building to meet the rest of the Young Men, Young Women and Leaders who were going to all be heading up to Running Springs for a few days of fun with a purpose. Yes, we were going to have fun, but we were also going to learn how to grow closer to our Savior. The drive up to the cabins seemed as if it were the longest ride of my life because we were so excited. I spent most of the ride looking out the window wondering how much longer the drive would be.

Once we finally arrived, we immediately started to get our bags out of the cars and put them in the rooms. Then we sat down on the couch and watched TV. Not long after that Sister Holloway brought dinner and we all ate. Brody and I were on the couch while the older Young Men were in another room watching movies. When it was time for bed, we said prayers and they passed out for the night. Kai, Brody, and I, were woken up by Keoni’s phone alarm at 4:00 in the morning. We were wondering what was going on. Keoni turned the alarm off, but it went off again at 5:45. Brother Orgill had had enough , so he took Keoni’s phone and put it away for safekeeping. By this time Brody and I were awake, so we decided to put on our snow clothes and went exploring in the backyard. We saw racoon prints and a large branch that had fallen on the roof of the cabin we were staying in. There were icicles on the roof dripping down, I grabbed on and put it in the freezer for safe keeping.

Brother Orgill, Brother Jones, and Bishop Nordfelt made breakfast. After we ate and cleaned up the Young Women came over and ate their breakfast. Then we had a devotional and went sledding. Sledding was my favorite part of the trip. We spent three days playing in the snow having devotionals, praying, having fun, and growing our testimonies of Jesus Christ. I knew I loved my Savior before the Winter Youth Conference, but after the Winter Youth Conference, I know that He Loves me, watches over me and is always there to comfort and guide me. I know that my savior lives, I know that the church is True and that when you are in times of need, you can pray, and God will help you.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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