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Find a Family Name to Take to the Temple

Ordinances Ready is a new FamilySearch tool that simplifies finding names for the temple, allowing you more time to serve your family and enjoy the blessings of the temple. Try it for yourself and read how others are using the Ordinances Ready feature.

Green means go—use Ordinances Ready for your next temple visit

To find a family member to take to the temple, first download the Family Tree app for iOS or Android. Click here for more help.

Sign in and find the Temple page.

  • For iOS, tap the temple icon at the bottom of the app screen.

  • For Android, tap the 3-bar menu at the top left. Then select Temple.

Tap the Ordinances Ready button and then choose an ordinance—baptism and confirmation, initiatory, endowment, sealing to parents, or sealing to spouse.

The app will search the tree and temple inventory for available ordinances, and soon you will have five names pop up!

Take a Family Name to the Temple
Take a Family Name to the Temple

Take a Family Name to the Temple
Take a Family Name to the Temple

Get to know each person, and take the names to the temple

Using the Family Tree app, you can get to know each person you are about to do ordinances for. Tap View Relationship to see how you are related, and tap View Person to look at life events, memories, and photos in Family Tree.

After you have looked at the names, tap Continue at the bottom of the screen to reserve the ordinances and print cards to take to the temple. (If you need help printing cards, the app will also give you a number you can take to the temple, where the cards can be printed for you.)



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