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Sister Johnson - 10/24/22

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I'm going to just hop right into it. This week we went to go visit DeAndre. He is someone we have been teaching (quick background: he is about 24, has a daughter, his ex is crazy, he believes in Jesus, likes to make jokes, is hard to keep on topic, at the beginning he liked to flirt but he has calmed down.) We went to this particular lesson with the intent to state our purpose and discern if he would make and keep commitments. When he came out, the first thing he said was, "I did what you asked". Excited of course, I clarified if he had read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. He said "yep let me show you what happened". He walked inside and brought back out his Book of Mormon, completely distorted, ripped, and destroyed. My heart sunk. He explained that right after he had been praying in his room he came out to his dog tearing it up. We asked him if he was taking that as his answer. He said that he wanted to hear what we thought. We stood there speechless staring at the ruined Book of Mormon. I know I should have been freaked out about what to say to him, but all I felt was hurt. Seeing that Book of Mormon the way it was brought tears to my eyes. I love that book, I knew it was true (this experience could take away from what I knew), I was sorry that DeAndre was so quick to assume that it wasn't true, but most of all I was heartbroken to see something I love so much so destroyed. Before I go on, this experience taught me how much I truly do love the Book of Mormon. I know that it is true and I knew that DeAndre could find that for himself too. So I looked up at him and testified to him of the power of Satan. We reminded him of Joseph Smith's experience in the sacred Grove, and testified that when something good was about to happen, Satan always tried to stop it. I guess we were guided by the spirit because his entire expression changed from urgency and anger to shame and understanding. He immediately expressed how stupid he felt for assuming that it couldn't be true. He also mentioned then that his Bible also got torn up. He gave us the Book of Mormon and ask if we had another one that he could keep reading. We gave him a new one and testified with all the sincerity in us that he would still face opposition but that if he endured with faith, he would recieve answers. Since then he has called us asking clarifying questions about the Book of Mormon and he has a firm desire to know what is right. I can honestly say that he is a honest seeker of truth. After this experience, he promised that he would stop cussing around us and that he would take it more seriously because he could tell that we were serious about the things we teach.

I will leave you all with this, the Book of Mormon is true, it is another testament of Jesus Christ and you will come closer to him by reading it and praying about it. You can find answers and God does speak to his children now. Just because you follow Christ does not mean you will not face adversity. I promise you will. Satan knows that the Book of Mormon is true! If he had to look at you dead in the face and tell you what he knows is true, he would testify of it. That is why he tried to stop Joseph Smith from praying, me from going on a mission, and DeAndre from asking in faith. He knew that each of these situations would lead to the work of God moving forward so he tried to stop it. My friends, Ether 12:6 teaches us that we will recieve no witness until after the trial of our faith. So endure the trial but do not loose faith, for if we do we deny God speaking to us. SATAN IS REAL I know it, I have felt it, he is powerful, BUT GOD IS REALER! Do not forget.

I love you all! This week having an incredible Dad to look up to made me happy. Have the best week ever.

Sister Johnson

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