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Elder Larson - 7/2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Well it’s been almost a year so I guess I should write my first letter of my mission. This week is Fourth of July. It doesn’t get dark until like 10 at night so we can’t really go out to see fireworks yet but maybe we’ll sneak up in the roof later. . Transfers are in this week and I’m staying in Rugby but I’m getting a new companion this week.  

Today we went to a little fair. A couple guys played music and there were a couple food trucks.Teaching, we found a lady named Kalie and she came to church. Last week elder Wright talked to this guy Gage and when he went home he talked to his girlfriend and she had met with sister missionaries in Bismark but then moved upto Rugby. So now she wanted to meet with the missionaries here. We do this music in the park thing and she came and she wanted to come to church with us. so that was cool.  We sat with her and she seemed like she liked it because it was fast and testimony meeting and she got up and bore her testimony! Pretty awesome and she did a great job. We’re gonna try to meet with her Tuesday. 

In the scriptures this week I’m reading about Alma the younger in the book of mormon, the parable of the rich man in Matthew 19. And all the laws in Leviticus. 

I love reading the scriptures now and I understand it way better than I ever did before. So that is pretty cool. I kinda think of the actor of jesus from the chosen saying the words. Maybe that’s weird but that’s what I do.

Ok well that’s it for this week. Send food haha just kidding but our grocery bills are high now. I have gotten pretty good at cooking though. 

Oh and I went on a Podcast this week - this Christian guy Josh. He’s really nice, he has some severe medical issues. But anyway me and my companion went on and he was talking about evolution and we just talked about the creation and ended up on LDS culture. It seemed like a positive experience but we probably won’t do it again. 

That’s it for now. I’ll try to write more next week. I really love these small towns and all the people of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Nebraska. I haven’t been to Minnesota yet but if I do I’ll hit all five states my mission covers! 

Love, Elder Larson

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