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Elder Ritter - 1/15/2024

¡Hola a todos!

Not too much happened over the past couple of days since Wednesday, except for a BAPTISM. FINALLY Asen got baptized, and it was awesome. It was really small since she didn't want a lot of people there, so only six people came. It was powerful, short, and sweet. She's come such a long way since she randomly called us out of the blue on exchanges. She really does have a strong testimony, and it's been really cool to be there from beginning to end. It's the very first person that I have taught that I have been there from the beginning to the end. Felt really good, but also a little anticlimactic. It's a weird feeling, almost like a, "now what?" But the work doesn't slow down, we gotta keep going!

We had a super awesome zone conference this week where we talked a lot about opening our mouths and being more bold with our testimonies. I felt super encouraged at the end and I'm so excited to continue doing the work. I know this last little bit is going to FLY by, but I'm so pumped. 

Little bit of a longer email next week, let's hope I have some dope stories to tell. 

¡Cristo vive! ¡El Libro de Mormon es verdadero!

¡Os amo! 

Elder Ritter


Rayo McReina 

Street view

Beautiful sunrise 

Nelson playing cello on the floor 


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