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Come Follow Me: Matthew 2; Luke 2

From the day of His birth, it was clear that Jesus was no ordinary child. It wasn’t just the new star in the heavens or the joyous angelic proclamation that made Jesus’s infancy remarkable. It was also the fact that such a variety of faithful people—from different nations, professions, and backgrounds—felt immediately drawn to Him. Even before He uttered His invitation to “come, follow me,” they came (Luke 18:22). Not everyone came to Him, of course. There were many who paid Him no notice, and a jealous ruler even sought His life. But the humble, pure, devoted seekers of righteousness saw Him for who He was—their promised Messiah. Their devotion inspires our own, for the “good tidings of great joy” brought to the shepherds were for “all people,” and the “Saviour, which is Christ the Lord” was born that day unto all of us (see Luke 2:10–11).


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