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Youth Group

Teens (11-18)

Youth in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are like many other young people around the world. They go to movies, participate in sports, watch videos, text friends, study for school, attend church, and play musical instruments.

Our youth are involved in classes on Sundays, seminary (Bible/scripture study before school), weekly youth group activities, and annual camps and conferences focused on service. For more information about youth camps, activities, and events; visit our youth instagram below.

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For the Strength of Youth

Our dear young men and young women, we have great confidence in you. You are beloved sons and daughters of God and He is mindful of you. You have come to earth at a time of great opportunities and also of great challenges. The standards in this booklet will help you with the important choices you are making now and will yet make in the future. We

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