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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Huntington Beach Stake

Huntington Beach Stake Conference

Read the Christ-centered messages from members and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ in Huntington Beach given at the latest conference.

Recent  Church Talks

We employ no paid clergy which allows us to hear from "regular" members of the church each week. This includes talks given during our weekly sacrament worship service as well as devotionals, firesides and the like.

Community Service

Latest from our Missionaries

Young men and women are called to serve missions around the world (at their own expense). As you can imagine, this creates a foundation of service and a love for different a people and culture. Click below to hear the latest from the mission front.

Online Scripture Class

Each year we have a focused study on particular book of Scripture, rotating from the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon and Doctrine of Covenants. There are 2 supporting online classes each Tuesday and Thursday via Zoom available to anyone interested.


Temple Deep Learning

The temple is the center of the greatest blessings the Lord has to offer us. This podcast is designed to address the doctrine of the temple and the covenant path, providing insights and application through presentation and interviews with members of the church. It can help prepare a person for the temple but provides greatest benefit to those who have received their endowment.

Join us

There are several congregations that meet weekly on Sunday in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley.  Find the closest building and congregation.

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