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Sister Roberts - 11/21/22

Updated: Jan 5, 2023


Transfer news came and went, me and Sister Downer are back together!! We had a fun 4 weeks in Kerrville, I guess the Lord felt bad it was too short and wanted to give us Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's all in one. We both are pumped and really ready to just turn on the heat and see some miracles this transfer.

We had a mission-wide zoom call with Sister Camille Johnson and Sister Susan Porter, the General Relief Society and Primary Presidents for the Church!!!! Elder Contreras from the Area 70 leadership[ of the Church was also on the call, so it was really so amazing. We talked about a lot, but Sister Johnson spoke about miracles and doing the spiritual work required. I LOVED IT. Sister Downer and I had been talking about miracles, and how to really see them come this transfer, and then she came in and just layed it all out for us. It's going to be hard work, but I am so excited. It will all be soooo worth it.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a quick and not all-encompassing list of things Texas has made me grateful for:

1. air conditioning and heating (which need to be used in the same day)

2. lotion

3. General Conference and listening to the prophet and leaders of the Church

4. P R A Y E R

5. The Book of Mormon!!! Sister Downer and I set a goal of reading the whole Book of Mormon before this transfer is over. That comes out to 5 chapters a day, I'm so so so excited. This is going to be a GREAT holiday season! Which reminds me that number 6 is

6. LIGHT THE WORLD!!!!! It's coming, y'all! Get into that Christmas spirit of love and joy and peace and SHARE IT. DON'T LET ANYONE GO UNHAPPY ANY DAY IN DECEMBER. OR EVER. OKAY????? Sorry I'm yelling haha I'm just so excited, I love spreading love.

Have a FANTASTIC week, I love each and every one of you :)


Sister Roberts

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