Sister Johnson - 11/14/22

Hey yall sorry I haven't emailed, it's been crazy! But here are a few quick highlights. Two weeks ago Courtney was baptized and she couldn't have been more ready. For those of you who don't know, she has a broken hip but that did not stop her from getting into the font and make promises with God. Her faith is so beautiful. I will admit that sister Chappell and I were standing there squeezing eachothers hands praying that she would not slip and fall. She didn't but we were praying really hard. On Tuesday we took her to the temple to do proxy baptism for the dead and she loved it! The temple is 3 1/2 hours away and it was worth every minute in the car. When it was time to leave the Lord's house I had to drag myself away. There was such a sweet spirit and I am so greatful that she was able to have that opportunity. She is doing so well and progressing in the church, she is already talking about how excited she is to go to the temple in a year and make more covenants with God. Never forget, our most important covenant (promise) with God is our next one. Please make time for the temple, it is a place of peace, learning, and healing for me and I have always loved it. Learn to love the temple please, it changes everything:)

We had our last district council of the transfer (6 week period) this week and I will admit I don't want it to end. This transfer I have learned how to love missionary work, it may sound crazy but I do love it! I love talking to random people everywhere and testifying of Christ and the Book of Mormon. Sister Chappell has been so good for me and I think we learned together how fun being an active disciple of christ truly is!

We have seen so many miracles that just prove that God is in the details of our lives. I have learned that God uses people to answer prayers and I am so grateful for the people in my life that were an answer to prayers and the opportunities I have had to be the answer to prayers! GOD IS SO GOOD!

So this week is transfers (when we find out and move if we are switch companions and areas). Sadly Sister Chappell is leaving Lenoir, but she is going to a great area where she will absolutely kill it! I will be staying in Lenoir, and because we are the only sisters in the zone I will be STL training (sister training leader that trains a new missionary). This absolutely terrifying and I have no clue how to train a new missionary or be a sister training leader, but I know that with God I can do anything that he calls me to do. The scary part is that I don't get to know who my companion is until Thursday, when I meet her and bring her home. Keep us both in your prayers because in reality neither of us know what we are doing.... I will be praying hard this week, but I am grateful for the opportunities that God sends our way to get us on our knees and rely on him.

Anyway that is my update. Sorry I am such a slacker. I love and miss you all but I couldn't be prouder and happier to be a missionary called by God.

These last 12 weeks my beloved trainor Sister Chappell has made me so happy!

Sister Johnson

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