Sister Johnson - 10/17/22

Updated: Nov 2

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Ill just leave one thing with you this week. We were teaching DeAndre and he kept saying how he felt something, felt how serious we were about our message, and felt how important this was. With DeAndre that is crazy because he is just a little older than us and real flirty. It is hard to keep things serious. But when I quoted the first vision account to him, he knew something was up. He was feeling the spirit! Now we are trying to help him recognize when the Holy Ghost is testifying to him! I want you all to know that the Holy Ghost is a priceless gift. We cannot survive spiritually without it. It will testify of truth, comfort you, and protect you. Feeling the Holy Ghost testify is a game changer in missionary work, but having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost is a whole different ball game. I am starting to understand this. I rely on the Holy Ghost so much that I do not even think about it, but I can feel when it leaves and I know the power that it has in testifying. I need all of you to understand the importance of this gift! Yes, having it requires that we keep God's commandments, take Christ's name upon us, and always remember him. But doing that is worth it! So I challenge you to figure out how to have the Holy Ghost stronger in your life or back in your life. You will not be able to make do without it. I promise. I love the Holy Ghost! He has protected me out here so many times, he constantly testifies truth to me, and he helps me in my times of need. I testify that each of us need the Holy Ghost CONSTANTLY... and to do that we must first make promises to God through baptism, but we also need to live worthy of the Holy Ghost. Please have courage to make the changes in your life so that you can have the Holy Ghost more abundantly in your life. I love you all and I love this work more than ever! This is the truth church of Jesus Christ, and this is his restored gospel. I know it.

This week seeing others feel the Holy Ghost make me happy!

Love, Sister Johnson

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