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Elder Shintaku - March 25, 2022

Yeah I've been here for 7 weeks kinda crazy. Everything here has been chillin, I'm really enjoying my time here. I've been so blessed to be here. I've made so many friends and have helped so many people already. It's insane. I'm still learning Spanish but every day I get a little better hopefully :D. This week was transfers but I'm staying here in the town called Yaguate. I'm glad I get to stay because all the people here don't want me or my companion to leave LOL.

Monday- We went shopping!! Got tons of great food for the week but we had to take a taxi home which was kinda expensive, but it all worked out alright. Oh yeah I also bought a guitar so that's super awesome. I'm so hyped to be able to practice and develop my talents during my free time here. Nothing else really went on we just hung out, got burritos and chilled.

Tues- we have just been teaching our brains out we have so many people that we visit and share the gospel with it's crazy. We finally met our friend Emilio he lives in a small town like 20 min away from our house and that's like kinda far for us cuz we have to walk. So it's more like an hour away. But we got to meet him at the bus stop and talk to him for a couple of minutes which was sick.

Weds- we got to work on the Facebook page as moderators which is kinda cool. We respond to messages and refer people to the missionaries In their area.

Fri- we went to the town of Emilio. It's called Parajito and wow it was a long walk. The scenery was super nice tho their just mountains and so many fields of sugar canes, it's epic. We got to have an amazing lesson with him and I can't wait to keep teaching him.

This week I want to share my testimony of faith. I was able to give a talk on this subject last week and it was so cool. I know that if we are able to have faith and rely on our Heavenly Father anything is possible. Especially being out here on a mission I have to have faith every day and it's always pushing me to be better and rely on the lord.

Also, I love when you guys email me so feel free to anytime


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