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Elder Ritter - 5/1/2023

Hola a todos!

Surprisingly, these past 4 days have been packed with stuff, which is very exciting and we were definitely very tired by the end of all our days.

To start it off we had a P-Day in Sevilla which was incredible, and it just so happened to line up with La Feria, which is this big festival where EVERYBODY dresses up and goes to the fairgrounds to eat food and drink together. The men all wear super snazzy suits, the women wear beautiful dresses, and for some reason it's a thing to pull up on horses and in carriages. It was incredible, with colorful tents everywhere, the horses decked out in flowers, peolle dancing flamenco, and a huge gate at the front. Definitely a very exciting thing to see, and I totally felt underdressed in my P-Day clothes.

The next day we had zone conference and Elder Stafford and I got some great inspiration for our area! Our president is incredible and really loves the missionaries a lot. The AP's talked about how we need to use Preach My Gospel A LOT more, so I decided to start from the very beginning and do every single activity and study in it. All my missionary friends know that's a lot. We finished it off with some fun games and missionary activities, and we drove home. Overall, zone conferences are the best.

Back at home, we had some fun little moments! Nothing major but lots of small things that really added up. First, we had a fun youth hike activity, and we were able to get to know some of the youth better. Then we tried to find an old family that was in our area information, but we ended up meeting an older gentleman knocking doors named Andres that we're planning on stopping by again later. Then we had a lesson with our friend Pepi and she FINALLY read a part of the Book of Mormon without us and understood it well! She also has been starting to understand forgiveness and resurrection, which was huge. It's a struggle to teach her, but the little victories are so fun. 

Overall, we're working very hard over here, and I'm for sure expecting some miracles these next few weeks. It's going to be so fun!

¡Cristo vive! ¡El Libro de Mormón es verdadero!

¡Os amo!

Élder Ritter


Lots of pictures of Sevilla

We met some old ladies and asked to take a picture with them. Absolutely made their day that a bunch of young American men wanted a picture.

Elder Stafford being a queen

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