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Elder Orgill - 4/24/2023

I don't know where to start. After being in Bogotá for such an extended time in my mission, I have grown to really understand the people and the culture. I don't think I would ever consider coming back to this city after the mission, so I need to get the most out of it! This week as a district we took a two-hour bus to the fancy north part of the city where the temple is located! We were able to participate in the endowment session, it was beautiful seeing the changes and how much simpler it was made!!


    At the beginning of last week, we finished up the emergency exchanges with Roma, me with Lopez. We spent a great p-day together just like when we were companions! Us two had a very long conversation, then he talked to president for a while. I think he was able to make some changes/goals for his mission! President told me that I was the only person who could have helped him so much (being his mission dad). Let's hope that he keeps going strong!


     The stake had a big business fair for the members and their start-ups and invited us to set up a stand to explain to the people a little about the church while they were there! It went really well; the only thing was that some of the members were showcasing their weird products like shakra brackets and organic teas 😂

Let's just hope that the investigators don't get the wrong idea. We got a ton of numbers and gave out a ton of material!


    Some other weird things happened this week like: I met an Atheist American guy just chilling here in this dangerous part of Bogotá. I almost went to the hospital for my armpit. I met a real married couple.




-Elder Orgill 

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